Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend Away.....Sikeston, here we come!

I had a baby shower and my nieces birthday to attend this weekend, and it was fun!! The hubs couldn't go, he had a lot of work to do and really couldn't get away. What was I thinking, taking both my kiddos on a 4 hour car ride by myself! Especially when Owen is potty training and has to stop to pee every 15 minutes and I can't just take him in. I have to get him, Abbie, my purse, keys, diaper bag, cause might as well change her diaper while we are in there!! Whew....tiring!! But totally worth it. Grandma and me~ Dad and me~

I had planned on coming back Sunday but there is a consignment sale for kids called "little lambs"! Had to stay for that. They turned a huge wing of the Cape mall into a big consignment sale. It opened to the public Tuesday morning. I was lucky enough to get ahold of 2 passes for the preview night! I did find some goodies! I found Abbie some cute tops, some shoes, but Owen hit the jackpot! He got some cute Nike clothes, some still with tags, a new rug for his room that matches his bedding PERFECT, some fun wooden blocks, some good books!!

I went to my grandparents on my moms side to visit. My mom has 3 kids, me, LauraJo (my sister), and Kirk (my brother) and we got a picture with us together. I love it! Now, I need to get it devoped! HA!! My brother is big in golf, he plays on the high school varsity team and is really good, he passed down a club to Owen! So Sweet!!


  1. Fun stuff.... and I don't blame you ... I love me a sale!

  2. That last picture is just too precious! Love your blog too friend!