Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time to take care of ME!

Today didn't start out so good. I didn't feel good, AT ALL!! I haven't lately and I think that I just keep pushing myself and not getting enough rest or taking care of ME. I have been so into staying on top of the house, taking care of both kids, grocery shopping, bill paying, laundry washing, toilet scrubbing, and every thing else between the lines. I do stay at home with my kids, but that doesn't mean my life is cake! It is a job in itself, and a hard one!! I also take care of my husbands business paper work and all of his stuff behind the scenes and I have been doing my "crafting" so needless to say, I haven't had ME time for a while. But, I am working on that. I have realized my house doesn't have to be perfect, or close to perfect, it has to be my house and liveable! I need to make a list where I can do so much a day and not try to do it ALL in one day, which is very normal for me. I did Owens room tonight, we rearranged it, cleaned out from underneath his bed, for a 2 year old he had a LOT of stuff underneath there, what was he hiding it all for, it was all betwen the wall and bed where you could tell he would drop it! There was about 10 books, probably from where we read them to him at night before bedtime and we let him look at them before his light goes out. FUNNY :)
It was nice weather here today, so Owen bundled in some sweats (notice his boots, yes rain boots, in the pics) and went out why daddy fired up the grill. I fried bacon, sliced tomatoe and onion and we had homemade bacon cheeseburgers, YUM!

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  1. Take care of yourself girl! Hope you start feeling better!