Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simply Sunday

Hello All...
I started this day by sleeping in! Yes, I said it, I slept in! But thats because the kids did :) Such a pleasure nowdays. Woke up, and the hubs went and got me a paper and started his grill, he smoked a pulled pork all day today. He put it on at 7 this morning. It was delicious. If you have ever had homemade pulled pork it is awesome! My favorite sauce ever is

It is a spicy sauce, very spicy, probably not as bad as the hottest wing sauce possible but it IS spicy and I love it :)

So when that was smoking we went to Sonic to get the best ever vanilla diet coke! I am totally addicted to them. Plus we couldn't be gone too long because the "baste" that Duke likes to put on it has to be thrown on it every 30-45 minutes. Which might seem like close together but it is so worth it and it makes it soooo yummy!

Duke is building Owen a wooden swingset/play gym and he stained it today. There is still a couple things that we need to do but the main tower is done, really just have to finish the swing arm and finish the roof. It probably would have been easier to just buy one, but he wanted to have the "sweat equity" in it for Owen. Typical man way of thinking. I will post pics when its all done.

After dinner we cleaned up and bathed the kids. Normally I would do some spot cleaning, but I forgot to tell you earlier that I cleaned the WHOLE house today, I opened windows, did all the laundry, dusted, windexed, scrubbed the shower washed ALL the sheets, seriously, I got down and dirty, literally :) So we were done with everything and wanted to just hang out so we decided to go for a ride this evening and get some ice cream.

Owen loved his chocolate milkshake. Poor Abbie, she just watched us eat our ice cream while she gnawled at her fingers!!!
Now we are at home relaxing watching tv and both of the kids are in bed! So I am off to enjoy some quality time with the hubs....night night!!

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