Monday, March 8, 2010

Several Topics

Yes, I have several things to talk about! First, I had a great weekend with the family. We went down to the condo and just enjoyed being away. I went to the outlets, didn't find much :(
That night there, Owen wanted to take a big bath in the jacuzzi. I told him that would be fine and that I brought some bubble bath. I went to turn the water on and the cold water knob shot off and water started spraying to the ceiling, it was a geyser!! Since its a time share condo they have an after hours number you can call for emergencies so my hubby called, they said it would be 45 minutes until they could get there. My father in law found a tea pitcher in the kitchen that I could hold upside down on the water so it would shoot back into the tub. So I sat there until someone FINALLY showed up!! Anyway, they shut the water off and we had to be moved to a different condo for the time being. Crazy!! Duke ended up taking Owen to the pool swimming because he was having a fit to get in the tub and the water was cold as ice! The next day we went to breakfast, took Owen to Miner Mikes, he had a blast, we bought him the season pass so we could go down in the summer and he would enjoy it, plus it paid for itself if you would just go twice! (why not?) The only thing is that on the rides I had to do it with him.......

Also, I got some onesies done, take a look and let me know what you think!

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  1. How much fun! I have never been to minor mikes ... maybe I'll take Braeden soon! LOVE the onsies!