Monday, March 22, 2010

NEW BLOG LAYOUT and everything in between.

Today has been a busy day and I am ready to crash! It started with calling the doctor to make sure Abbie didn't have ANOTHER ear infection, (she has already had 3). We had an appt at 3:15 so before then I went to lunch at Ria's, a local eatery, DELICIOUS!! I hadn't eaten there since them opened it up and changed the name! I met, Shelle and her daughter Kenadie. It was nice to get out and about. I also went and dropped off 2 shirt orders that I had made. Then a quick trip to Hobby Lobby. Then the fast trip to the dr office! Man, I was busy, but loved it. I even went by the bank twice!!! I picked up Owen from daycare, he goes on Mondays, I love it and he loves it. We went by the shop to say hi to daddy and then came home to start dinner. We had Zatarains Jambalaya for dinner.
My sister in law made it for her family one night when she was watching Owen and she said he LOVED it! Suprisingly. We ALL know how picky kids, especially toddlers are.
Shelle and Kenadie came out tonight and she brought her husband, Kevin. Kevin and Duke have known each other since grade school and pretty much grew up in each others houses. The kids played a bit and had a great time. Since Kenadie is crawling she is much more active and Owen played with her "crawling" circles around the coffee table. SUPER CUTE

In case you guys didn't notice, I got a blog makeover!! She did an awesome job and did it quick. I totally recommend her...her button is on my sidebar. Check her out!


  1. Oh my goodness, adorable post! And great blog!!! LOVE the new layout! It's just ADORABLE!!!

    Love ya!!!

  2. Hi Miss Sarah, I gave you an award over on my blog today! Congrats ... love the blog :) Play date soon?