Monday, March 1, 2010

I am so excited and so anxious for 9:00 in the morning! I am going to a MOPS thingy, I call it thingy because I am not sure what else to call it! But I am soooo nervous to go. I am not into going places that I have never been or meeting new people. I have never been that great at it. But I am ready to get out and try! Why not?? Ask me before I pull in the parking lot and I could come up with a million reasons why not! I am taking Abbie but not Owen just yet. He is like me, doesn't like new places and I think if I go and get over the nervousness of it then I can teach him too. Plus, I am one of those people that think your kids can feel your fear! Plus, Abbie most likely won't cry when I take her in and drop her off. I hope not anyway, I would feel like poop.
Wish me luck!


  1. Hey! I am soo excited too! Just wanted to let you know too that I just saw Abbie's age, she will be able to be in the nursery with my little guy too! But, just incase you don't feel comfortable, you can always bring them with you downstairs where we meet :)

  2. That's exciting!! Have fun!!!