Friday, March 19, 2010

Fresh Food Feeder!!

Tonight we tried the new fresh food feeder that we bought at Target a couple weeks ago. I forgot to buy anything specific to put in it, so I dug in the fridge and found some grapes (which Owen loves). I put a couple in it and gave it to Abbie to try. She loved it! She had trouble holding it at first and wanted me to sit there and do it for her, sorry girl! I was making sides for dinner since the hubs grilled and I really just gave that to her to occupy her for a little bit. I wanted her to get used to grasping stuff with her hands and hold it to her mouth so we can break out the teathing toys. I probably won't be wishing so much when she starts finding little pieces to Owens games lying around and the first place that they will go will be in her mouth!
I love the idea of this fresh food feeder but I want to know if anyone else had one with their babies or what they put in it? I need some ideas!! Thanks :)
Here is Abbie trying it out....

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  1. I am thinking I may need to try this!

  2. That is so cool! You have a beautiful family!!
    ~ Coreen

  3. Bananas are GREAT in there. Also, when they are teething, I put frozen grapes in those. I peel the skin off, freeze them and put them in's a make-shift teether! ha!

    (When you do bananas, it's hard to clean all the holes out. I use the bottle brush and then run in through the dishwasher)

    BTW, your kids are A.DOR.A.BLE!