Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A quick second to blog....

Hello All.....

We had a good weekend. Valentines day was fun, Duke bought me this new bracelet that I have been wanting from Carries Hallmark. It is perfect, you add charms to it as you go, but it will go with anything and I love it. Yes, I did pick it out and put my name on it and told him it was there! Ha, but HE did go get it and I thank him for that. Good Job Babe.

Owen got a cool new toy for the tub, its a floating art desk from Crayola and he is really into it. So am I, he loves to color and draw right now and it keeps him so busy. He also got some really cool Spongebob chocolates and a couple more goodies. He was so excited and not quite sure why he was getting anything.

He has been sick since last Wednesday and we have been off and on with breathing treatments and it has been hard on ALL of us. Poor guy, I hate when he does not feel good and I can't do anything to make it better. We went back into the dr yesterday since he has been throwing up from coughing. I know its just the drainage causing it, nothing in his belly but still. I hate it for him. She put him on his treatments every 4 hours instead of just 3 times a day and we are doing an oral steroid twice a day. Last night he woke up at 11 and literally cried and screamed until 2 in the morning. He wasnt happy with anything that we did, I almost broke down in tears! He is napping now so letss just pray that he gets to feeling better.

Poor Abbie then woke up last night at 3 and stayed awake, she was so snotty sounding and was just having trouble with her cough, this momma was ready to crash last night! I love my babies more then anything and when they are sick it just takes a huge toll on me.

I am looking forward to a low key weekend, some good friends are coming over Saturday for some board/card games and the kiddies will play. I expect it to be refreshing and nice to relax and enjoy the company. (and a glass of wine) !!

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