Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Weekend!

We have had a great weekend! Duke worked Saturday and after that we went to town and ate

It was delicious. I had the Chili, funny since we were at Chili's! But I love it there. We went for a birthday dinner. It was my father-in-laws girlfriends sons birthday (did you understand that?) lol!!
Afterwards we went to some good frieds house for a playdate. They had their grandon this weekend and invited us and another couple over to their house. They have a fireplace and had stuff to make smores. It was nice, we didn't have to wait for the nice weather outside, just opened the fireplace doors and melt the marshmellow. YUMMMM!

We came home, had a good nights rest and woke up ready to go! We went for a nice drive this morning and it was nice, went by "donalds", as Owen would say and grabbed breakfast. We went and met another couple and their little girl and had some play time. We decided to bar-b-que, delicious pork steaks!Yumm, Owen of course had hotdogs! Will he ever eat anything but??? Seriously!

Both kids are now in bed! Whew, nice feeling, I have some "crafting" to do! Goodnight All!

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  1. Hi Sarah, I don't know if you belong to a MOPS group (Mother's of Preschoolers) but if you're interested, I would love for you to join us. Our next meeting is actually this Tuesday. If you want more information, just email me, or write me a comment and I'll give you details! Hope you had a great weekend!