Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chuck E Cheese!!

So this past Sunday we took Owen to Chuck E Cheese. To say he had a blast would be an understatement. He loved everything from the pizza, the special occassion soda, and the rides, he even hugged the big grey mouse. It was so fun for him. I primarily sat with Abbie and gaurded our stuff while daddy played with Owen, and took girls we took with us. It was so nice to have a special treat like that. We kept explaining to him that he was getting to do this special stuff because of how well he has been doing on his potty training.

Monday was his day to go to day care and play with all of his friends. He loves Ms. Robins! They made necklaces yesterday and he wanted me to wear mine. It was so cute, Robin gave them wooden hearts and they got to paint them and then she wrote their names on them. I wore mine to bunko last night, he noticed every time I tried to take mine off. And this morning he was on my bed talking to me and "jumpin" looked over and noticed it on my dresser, so of course, he had to put it on me. I don't mind, I love it! I love that he gets to do sruff like that at day care. I love that I have full trust in Robin and she keeps him "in line" in LOVES her so much.

Then, Last night I had bunco and it was a suprise shower for our friend stephanie who got married last weekend. Yes, the shower was after the wedding. She wasn't supposed to get married until April, however, her future brother in law was getting deployed so she had to up the date. So it was a whirlwind of planning for her. Poor thing, but she totally pulled it off.

I hope you enjoy our pics!

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