Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Awesome Weekend.....wedding reception, suprise bday party, and then the hubs bday!

AWESOME pic! LOVE it!! Such a lucky woman ;)

We had a BUSY weekend! Saturday Duke was so busy with work, and I was with the kids. Then that night we went to a wedding reception for my good friend Stephanie, she looked gorgeous! I am so proud for her. Everything was awesome. We couldn't stay long since we also had a suprise 30th bday party for our good friend Trent. Trent lives in St Louis now with his wife Erin. But, his mom lives here in Jefferson City, so his wife and her parents threw him a party here in town. It was nice seeing everyone. We had such a good time. We didn't stay out late, we wanted to feel good the next day for Dukes bday. We had so much planned for a family day.

Owen has been awesome with potty training. I am SO PROUD of my little man. We have stayed consistent and not given up when it seemed impossible.

And, little Miss Abbie, has splept ALL night for 4 nights in a row. At first we thought, this is a fluke and probably won't happen again, the second night, we thought, man we are lucky. Now we are going on 5 nights now and thats been awesome, maybe this is for real!! It started when I went to her dr, and I asked about the night feeding, she said she should start going with out and we have to help her. That she no longer NEEDED the nutrition she just woke up because of habbit. So it started with the first night, we rocked her and gave her a binky and she fell back asleep, and we laid her down. This went on for 2 nights. The next night when she woke up we didn't pick her up, we gave her a binky and stood at her crib loving on her and soothing her, and she went back to sleep. The next 2 nights we let her "cry it out" for about 2 minutes, and she went back to sleep. Did it work? Did we gradually get out of that feeding! YEAH!! And now we are going on 5 nights of good sleep.

Both my babies have been SO good. I am such a lucky mamma!

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