Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Weekend!

We have had a great weekend! Duke worked Saturday and after that we went to town and ate

It was delicious. I had the Chili, funny since we were at Chili's! But I love it there. We went for a birthday dinner. It was my father-in-laws girlfriends sons birthday (did you understand that?) lol!!
Afterwards we went to some good frieds house for a playdate. They had their grandon this weekend and invited us and another couple over to their house. They have a fireplace and had stuff to make smores. It was nice, we didn't have to wait for the nice weather outside, just opened the fireplace doors and melt the marshmellow. YUMMMM!

We came home, had a good nights rest and woke up ready to go! We went for a nice drive this morning and it was nice, went by "donalds", as Owen would say and grabbed breakfast. We went and met another couple and their little girl and had some play time. We decided to bar-b-que, delicious pork steaks!Yumm, Owen of course had hotdogs! Will he ever eat anything but??? Seriously!

Both kids are now in bed! Whew, nice feeling, I have some "crafting" to do! Goodnight All!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello! I am so excited and so busy! I have been sewing "pillowcase dresses" for Abbie girl and I have done some advertising with those and some appliqued shirts. I am proud to announce I have gotten my first "order" from someone I don't know! YEAH! They are so cute and precious. I will post some more pics when I get them all done. I have several more ideas on my mind as well. So wish me luck!
Abbie is almost 5 months and such a cutie! I love this stage she is in. She smiles when you talk to her like she is hearing it for the first time. She is eating cereal like crazy and we have tried some "food" and she is an eater! She goes to bed by 7:30 and sleeps until morning. Its great!!
Owen is just moving right along. We have learned our basic shapes and colors. Now we are working on our numbers and he is counting so good. He loves to ask me to count, when I get to ten he says "good job, mamma". He is so proud of me, just like I am him!

Duke has been working so hard lately, which is great for us! I love that he is such a hard worker and such a good daddy! I really love that he is going to grill me a steak tonight! (no matter how cold it is)
We don't have plans this weekend which I love, its going to be so nice to hang out with my babies! We are supposed to make a trip back home the middle of March, its a great friends baby shower! We have known each other since 3rd grade and been through some stuff together and I love that she is always there when I need someone, even though she is NOT an emotional person she never laughs at me when I am! HA They already have a little girl that is a doll, and definitely her own person! There are having a boy this time, and are going to have their hands full. But I have faith! I will have tons of pics from the baby shower. That same weekend we are supposed to head over to my nieces birthday party, totally exciting. Madeline is such a cutie and getting so big, growing into her own little style! Love that "miss thang" attitude she has!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Creative Mood has struck......

So I have ran into a creative streak here lately. I have been wanting to buy Abbie some cute shirts that are "personal" but I hate the prices. I am the type of person that wants to see if I can do it myself before I buy it. So I headed to JoAnns fabric store and invested in some fabric, thread and then ran to Wal-Mart and grabbed a shirt!

So today I was super busy and had to run to town and grab a new cash register for the office then get it programmed. (Pain in the rear)!! Organized some paperwork and did some straightening! That is such a job in itself. I ran a grabbed some lunch and headed home to "be creative" after some cutting, ironing, and sewing, this is my finally project! (yes, we are some tweaking to do, nothing is perfect the first time, but I love it). Abbie will wear it proud! And to top it off, Carries Hallmark downtown Jefferson City is going to sell them. (they already sell my bows). They will be on a custom order basis, that would just be to much overhead to have one with every letter!

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So, tell me what you think..........

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have been reading alot about this workout program. I recently read over at that she is interested in the same info that I am. So please tell us, is it worth it. I am needing something that doesn't take much time, I don't have much of that these days! So, what do you guys think?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A quick second to blog....

Hello All.....

We had a good weekend. Valentines day was fun, Duke bought me this new bracelet that I have been wanting from Carries Hallmark. It is perfect, you add charms to it as you go, but it will go with anything and I love it. Yes, I did pick it out and put my name on it and told him it was there! Ha, but HE did go get it and I thank him for that. Good Job Babe.

Owen got a cool new toy for the tub, its a floating art desk from Crayola and he is really into it. So am I, he loves to color and draw right now and it keeps him so busy. He also got some really cool Spongebob chocolates and a couple more goodies. He was so excited and not quite sure why he was getting anything.

He has been sick since last Wednesday and we have been off and on with breathing treatments and it has been hard on ALL of us. Poor guy, I hate when he does not feel good and I can't do anything to make it better. We went back into the dr yesterday since he has been throwing up from coughing. I know its just the drainage causing it, nothing in his belly but still. I hate it for him. She put him on his treatments every 4 hours instead of just 3 times a day and we are doing an oral steroid twice a day. Last night he woke up at 11 and literally cried and screamed until 2 in the morning. He wasnt happy with anything that we did, I almost broke down in tears! He is napping now so letss just pray that he gets to feeling better.

Poor Abbie then woke up last night at 3 and stayed awake, she was so snotty sounding and was just having trouble with her cough, this momma was ready to crash last night! I love my babies more then anything and when they are sick it just takes a huge toll on me.

I am looking forward to a low key weekend, some good friends are coming over Saturday for some board/card games and the kiddies will play. I expect it to be refreshing and nice to relax and enjoy the company. (and a glass of wine) !!


Here are some random pics from this weekend. I will back to actually "blog" later!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chuck E Cheese!!

So this past Sunday we took Owen to Chuck E Cheese. To say he had a blast would be an understatement. He loved everything from the pizza, the special occassion soda, and the rides, he even hugged the big grey mouse. It was so fun for him. I primarily sat with Abbie and gaurded our stuff while daddy played with Owen, and took girls we took with us. It was so nice to have a special treat like that. We kept explaining to him that he was getting to do this special stuff because of how well he has been doing on his potty training.

Monday was his day to go to day care and play with all of his friends. He loves Ms. Robins! They made necklaces yesterday and he wanted me to wear mine. It was so cute, Robin gave them wooden hearts and they got to paint them and then she wrote their names on them. I wore mine to bunko last night, he noticed every time I tried to take mine off. And this morning he was on my bed talking to me and "jumpin" looked over and noticed it on my dresser, so of course, he had to put it on me. I don't mind, I love it! I love that he gets to do sruff like that at day care. I love that I have full trust in Robin and she keeps him "in line" in LOVES her so much.

Then, Last night I had bunco and it was a suprise shower for our friend stephanie who got married last weekend. Yes, the shower was after the wedding. She wasn't supposed to get married until April, however, her future brother in law was getting deployed so she had to up the date. So it was a whirlwind of planning for her. Poor thing, but she totally pulled it off.

I hope you enjoy our pics!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Snacks??....... Any Ideas?

I am desperately in need of some super bowl snack ideas, or just "munchy" stuff! We love to snack around our family, dips and finger foods are our best friend. So do you have any good ideas?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Design............Need your help!

I am wanting to get a "name plate", can you help me decide?





Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Awesome reception, suprise bday party, and then the hubs bday!

AWESOME pic! LOVE it!! Such a lucky woman ;)

We had a BUSY weekend! Saturday Duke was so busy with work, and I was with the kids. Then that night we went to a wedding reception for my good friend Stephanie, she looked gorgeous! I am so proud for her. Everything was awesome. We couldn't stay long since we also had a suprise 30th bday party for our good friend Trent. Trent lives in St Louis now with his wife Erin. But, his mom lives here in Jefferson City, so his wife and her parents threw him a party here in town. It was nice seeing everyone. We had such a good time. We didn't stay out late, we wanted to feel good the next day for Dukes bday. We had so much planned for a family day.

Owen has been awesome with potty training. I am SO PROUD of my little man. We have stayed consistent and not given up when it seemed impossible.

And, little Miss Abbie, has splept ALL night for 4 nights in a row. At first we thought, this is a fluke and probably won't happen again, the second night, we thought, man we are lucky. Now we are going on 5 nights now and thats been awesome, maybe this is for real!! It started when I went to her dr, and I asked about the night feeding, she said she should start going with out and we have to help her. That she no longer NEEDED the nutrition she just woke up because of habbit. So it started with the first night, we rocked her and gave her a binky and she fell back asleep, and we laid her down. This went on for 2 nights. The next night when she woke up we didn't pick her up, we gave her a binky and stood at her crib loving on her and soothing her, and she went back to sleep. The next 2 nights we let her "cry it out" for about 2 minutes, and she went back to sleep. Did it work? Did we gradually get out of that feeding! YEAH!! And now we are going on 5 nights of good sleep.

Both my babies have been SO good. I am such a lucky mamma!