Monday, January 11, 2010

Game Night and Bathtime!

Yesterday we had another couple and their little girl come over. I made dinner and rented some movies. It was nice. Kenadie, their little one, is just a doll. She is 6 months old and sitting up as happy as can be. Just precious! Check out her pic....

Owen loves when she comes over, he calls her "abbie kenadie", he doesn't realize, its just Kenadie :) So cute!! He smooches on her and tells her he loves her. She just looks at him like he is crazy! (He normally has on pants, but we are potty training and no pants with "big boy" underwear is just easier!

Shelle and I played Yahtzee, it was a blast and I love rolling the dice (just like Bunco). She actually ended up winning by one point at the end, but it was so nice to sit at the table and chat, play games, and watch our husbands manage our kiddos while trying to watch "the game". Here are some pics from yesterday!

Ending this with a pick of "abbie girl" in her bath tub, having a blast!

I have Bunco tonight, wish me luck! Momma needs a new pair of shoes :)

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