Monday, January 18, 2010

A day at Lake Ozark!

We enjoyed the day yesterday as a family. We went down to the condo and took Owen swimming, he had a blast, such a dare devil. He would jump in (holding daddys hand of course), he loved going under, I hated watching it! Makes me nervous. Thank the Lord daddy didn't mind and made sure he was perfectly find during his little stunts! Abbie LOVED watching everything that was going on! We then vetured onto the strip (even though its dead in the winter) and took Owen to Dogpatch, its an arcade and he loved skiball. We played there for a while and then went to Chilis for dinner, they have bottomless bowl salsa and chips, and I LOVE it. Owen was so wore out from swimming he fell asleep at the table. Poor guy! It was such a good day and on the way back home we went for a drive and enjoyed the scenery. I loved spending the day with my little family.

Here are some pics of my little daredevil!!

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