Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My nieces playing with Owen:

It is getting cold out there! Time to bundle up :) The snow is falling and it is so pretty. Our local news is calling for 2-3 inches and another station is saying 3-5 inches. I have stocked up on groceries and the much needed things, not that I plan on it getting bad, but it would be nice, so that my hubby can stay home from work for just ONE day. We would enjoy him being around.

Update on abbie.......

She will be 3 months this next week, I love how big she is getting, its so crazy. She smiles and "coos" all of the time, its priceless. She still hates being on her belly. But she enjoys her big brother when he lays next to her and talks to her, she just smiles so big!

Update on Owen............

We are still working on potty training, somedays are awesome and he is on top of it. Other days there is absolutley no interest whats so ever. We are fine with that. We still have time. But I am so proud of him. Funny he brought me a bottle of Abbies, said he wanted to wash it, I opened it and gave it back to him. Being smart, I followed him to see just what he was up to. He had got a chair from the kitchen table, scooted it to the sink, started the water, put soap in the sink (there was a mound of bubbles) and the sink was overflowing, I asked what he was doing, he said "washing dishes mommy" (we have a dishwasher)!! Its amazing what happens in 2 seconds while I am changing Abbies diaper and using the restroom.

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