Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out to eat and a piano bar.........perfect Bachelorette Party!!

Saturday night was an awesome bachelorette party for an awesome girl!

There were 17 of us all together and it was great. Stephanie was the bachelorette, and I am so excited and happy for her, I know she is looking forward to her upcoming nuptials!

We rented a bus, yes, a school bus, had a blast. We went to Columbia MO, out to eat at Houlihans restaraunt, YUM!! We had lettuce wraps, and i had never heard or tried them before, they were delicious. Dinner was just great and the margaritas were PERFECT.

After the restaraunt we went to The Penguin, which is a piano bar. (yes, this was night of first for me, new restaraunt, and a piano bar) I thought "piano bar, classical music, not too interesting", I was wrong! That place was awesome, it was so cool. It was 2 baby grand pianos faacing each other with a drummer in the middle, FUN. These guys had talent! I had such a great time!I even told my husband that we are going to do that for a "date night" sometime.

Hairbows Galore!

Hello All!

I have started making hairbows, well, I have been making them for some friends but over the weekend I made an important decision. I made a bunch and took them in to our local Hallmark store dowtown, and she was interested, took the ones I had and now I am making more! I also have the crochet headbands for the infants/toddlers! I am extremely excited. I hope this chance turns into something great. Here are some pics....on my little precious Abbie!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A day at Lake Ozark!

We enjoyed the day yesterday as a family. We went down to the condo and took Owen swimming, he had a blast, such a dare devil. He would jump in (holding daddys hand of course), he loved going under, I hated watching it! Makes me nervous. Thank the Lord daddy didn't mind and made sure he was perfectly find during his little stunts! Abbie LOVED watching everything that was going on! We then vetured onto the strip (even though its dead in the winter) and took Owen to Dogpatch, its an arcade and he loved skiball. We played there for a while and then went to Chilis for dinner, they have bottomless bowl salsa and chips, and I LOVE it. Owen was so wore out from swimming he fell asleep at the table. Poor guy! It was such a good day and on the way back home we went for a drive and enjoyed the scenery. I loved spending the day with my little family.

Here are some pics of my little daredevil!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Game Night and Bathtime!

Yesterday we had another couple and their little girl come over. I made dinner and rented some movies. It was nice. Kenadie, their little one, is just a doll. She is 6 months old and sitting up as happy as can be. Just precious! Check out her pic....

Owen loves when she comes over, he calls her "abbie kenadie", he doesn't realize, its just Kenadie :) So cute!! He smooches on her and tells her he loves her. She just looks at him like he is crazy! (He normally has on pants, but we are potty training and no pants with "big boy" underwear is just easier!

Shelle and I played Yahtzee, it was a blast and I love rolling the dice (just like Bunco). She actually ended up winning by one point at the end, but it was so nice to sit at the table and chat, play games, and watch our husbands manage our kiddos while trying to watch "the game". Here are some pics from yesterday!

Ending this with a pick of "abbie girl" in her bath tub, having a blast!

I have Bunco tonight, wish me luck! Momma needs a new pair of shoes :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My nieces playing with Owen:

It is getting cold out there! Time to bundle up :) The snow is falling and it is so pretty. Our local news is calling for 2-3 inches and another station is saying 3-5 inches. I have stocked up on groceries and the much needed things, not that I plan on it getting bad, but it would be nice, so that my hubby can stay home from work for just ONE day. We would enjoy him being around.

Update on abbie.......

She will be 3 months this next week, I love how big she is getting, its so crazy. She smiles and "coos" all of the time, its priceless. She still hates being on her belly. But she enjoys her big brother when he lays next to her and talks to her, she just smiles so big!

Update on Owen............

We are still working on potty training, somedays are awesome and he is on top of it. Other days there is absolutley no interest whats so ever. We are fine with that. We still have time. But I am so proud of him. Funny thing...........today he brought me a bottle of Abbies, said he wanted to wash it, I opened it and gave it back to him. Being smart, I followed him to see just what he was up to. He had got a chair from the kitchen table, scooted it to the sink, started the water, put soap in the sink (there was a mound of bubbles) and the sink was overflowing, I asked what he was doing, he said "washing dishes mommy" (we have a dishwasher)!! Its amazing what happens in 2 seconds while I am changing Abbies diaper and using the restroom.

Monday, January 4, 2010

21 day fast?????

I read a lot of blogs and most of them are talking about a 21 day fast at their church. Well, I don't go to church there but I do think that I need to spend more time worshiping and thanking God for what he has done in my life. I always ask God to look over my family and I go to him when I have problems or need help. However, I never sit down so say "thank you". Things are going to change this year. I want my life to change, I have a great life, don't get me wrong! But I can make things better. I want my kids to grow up thankful and blessed, in ALL the right ways. I don't just have my life to live I have to look out for my babies, and if I don't go to church, then they don't go to church. I want more and better for them. So, beginning this year, things are changing. I need help though, I know myself enough that I have to be pushed, so I have enlisted my husband to help me. MOTIVATION :) We want to find a church home, so wish us luck as we begin this process. Back to the 21 day fast, my husband and I have been talking about not going out to eat, and thats all we do, is talk about it! So, this next 3 weeks are going to be our trial, we are NOT going out to eat at all, and we have decided to not go shopping except for NEEDS and groceries. We have made this committment and I hope we can stick with it :) So please keep our family in your prayers as we learn more about what God has planned for us!