Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick trip to the mall :)

No pictures this post, sorry, we will catch up soon!

However, last night Duke and decided to go to the mall, he would watch Owen play while I took Abbbie and we did some shopping. Our mall does not have much, I think it is slowly closing all the stores :( Owen had a blast playing (as always). Abbie on the other hand, would NOT cooperate. Every time I would stop to look at something she would start screaming. I had to push her nonstop. Lets just say I enjoyed a good workout pushing our double stroller with her in it all around the mall! I did find Duke his Christmas present from Owen and Abbie at Hibbetts. Hope he enjoys it.

I tried to bribe Owen with a cookie to get his hair cut, he wouldn't have it. My friend usually cuts his hair, but with a two year old, you will take it when you can get it. And the first several times I asked him to do it, he said "ok momma". Needless to say, as soon as we got there and sat down he went nuts, wasn't going to do it by ANY means. And my husband has hair clippers at home, because he refuses to pay to get his hair cut, he believes in the $5 barbers that no longer exist. So when we got home, I talked Owen into sitting in the chair and letting me "trim" his hair, it worked for the most part. But it does look a lot better! But he plays with his hair at the back, right on top. He actually twist it so it constantly sticks up, no matter what the length is. So hopefully we will be able to nip that in the bud soon.

Maybe our next trip to the mall will be easier!

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