Sunday, December 13, 2009

Owen fell on Abbie :(

Ok, seriously, this weekend has been crazy. My husband and I tried to leave the kids with his dad for a couple hours to finish up our Christmas shopping. We weren't gone 2 hours and got a call that Abbie was extremely fussy and threw up (she does it about once or twice a week, dr says its ok). Anyway, we left the mall and ran to pick them up. Owen was sound asleep, for once! Normally, papa lets him stay up until he just crashes where he is! Abbie was still fussy, we went home and she was content. She likes being in her element with mommy and daddy! I think she is just so used to me all day everyday that she isn't comfortable if she doesn't at least hear my voice. CRAZY :)

On to today!!!! Owen, being onery, (spelling?) was trying to take Abbie's tights away from me, he yanked them hard and they flew off the hanger, needless to say, he went tumbling backwards, across the living room, and landed on Abbie!!! I was terrified, and already mad at myself for her laying on the floor and me not being right there next to her! What was I thinking? I know how quick stuff can happen. I was seriously frightened. She threw up within a minute of the accident and poor Owen, he didn't know what was going on! I called the doctors after hours number, and of course, they say to be sure and take her in. Better Safe then Sorry!! Thats my motto when it comes to my kids. Duke, on the other hand, he said she was fine. He doesn't stress about them like I do. And I just continued to beat myself up over it.

All is well now!!

Do any of you have any stories about your kids, and scares? Help me brace myself for the next episode.....

On another note............. Duke stepped on my Chi last week, so all this week I have had to wear my hair curly. He bought me a new pink one for Christmas but I really don't want to open it yet. Maybe I can hold out :)

I am ready for Christmas! I can't wait to see the look on Owens face when he sees all the goodies that Santa and mommy and daddy bought for him. We don't buy toys troughout the year, just practical stuff, like clothes, etc. So for Christmas and birthdays we go all out and I LOVE it! I am blessed to have my children.

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