Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Abbie Kate is 2 months!!

Abbie Kate is 2 months today. CRAZY! I am loving every second of this chaotic, but blessed life that I am living!! My little ones are awesome. Abbie is learning to stay awake longer throughout the day, sleeping for as much as 6 hours at night, and making me smile all the time :) She is eating 4 ounces at a time, sometimes closer to bedtime she likes to take on a little extra. She is about to go to a size 2 diaper. She loves her big swing and the Christmas tree lights. I am learning so much about her on a daily basis. Her and Owen are so different in so many ways. But both so precious! I love spending time with her during the day.

Owen has been sick with an upper respiratory infection and "whooping cough", poor little guy has been so congested, his voice sounds horrible and he doesn't want me out of his sight. Thats when I know he is SICK! He has been such a good help with Abbie, he loves her so much. And he is starting to understand why we have a "big tree" in our living room, but not happy that he can't oopen any presents yet. But I can't wait til Christmas day and see the look on his face when he sees what santa has brought him.

here are some pics of Abbie, I don't have any of Owen since he has been sick.

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  1. Abbie Kate is so beautiful!! I love her outfit!!