Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pondering thoughts!

Ok, we had a Christmas party on Saturday to go to. I had gotten a babysitter and this was really my first actually time to go out with friends since Abbie. I had too good of a time. I am actually mad at myself. What was I thinking? I have two kids and I felt like poop the next day. I feel like I shorted my kids mommy and me time. Needless to say, More recently I have stopped and looked at my life and how thankful and blessed I am for what I have. However, I have been thinking more and more about where my life is going and what I want out of it. I have really had things weighing heavy on my life, and I feel like its time to change some stuff. I will go into this on another day!

With Christmas approaching I am thinking about how awesome it is to have my little ones to enjoy this with. I let Owen open a present the other day and he looked up and said "awesome" momma. It was a $3 memory game. Thats how siked he was! The little things make him so happy and I want to get back to that place in my life.

I don't have much time right now but I felt like I needed to post something! I am trying to get into this "blogging" think, so become a follower! I promise I will get more interesting, ha!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick trip to the mall :)

No pictures this post, sorry, we will catch up soon!

However, last night Duke and decided to go to the mall, he would watch Owen play while I took Abbbie and we did some shopping. Our mall does not have much, I think it is slowly closing all the stores :( Owen had a blast playing (as always). Abbie on the other hand, would NOT cooperate. Every time I would stop to look at something she would start screaming. I had to push her nonstop. Lets just say I enjoyed a good workout pushing our double stroller with her in it all around the mall! I did find Duke his Christmas present from Owen and Abbie at Hibbetts. Hope he enjoys it.

I tried to bribe Owen with a cookie to get his hair cut, he wouldn't have it. My friend usually cuts his hair, but with a two year old, you will take it when you can get it. And the first several times I asked him to do it, he said "ok momma". Needless to say, as soon as we got there and sat down he went nuts, wasn't going to do it by ANY means. And my husband has hair clippers at home, because he refuses to pay to get his hair cut, he believes in the $5 barbers that no longer exist. So when we got home, I talked Owen into sitting in the chair and letting me "trim" his hair, it worked for the most part. But it does look a lot better! But he plays with his hair at the back, right on top. He actually twist it so it constantly sticks up, no matter what the length is. So hopefully we will be able to nip that in the bud soon.

Maybe our next trip to the mall will be easier!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Owen fell on Abbie :(

Ok, seriously, this weekend has been crazy. My husband and I tried to leave the kids with his dad for a couple hours to finish up our Christmas shopping. We weren't gone 2 hours and got a call that Abbie was extremely fussy and threw up (she does it about once or twice a week, dr says its ok). Anyway, we left the mall and ran to pick them up. Owen was sound asleep, for once! Normally, papa lets him stay up until he just crashes where he is! Abbie was still fussy, we went home and she was content. She likes being in her element with mommy and daddy! I think she is just so used to me all day everyday that she isn't comfortable if she doesn't at least hear my voice. CRAZY :)

On to today!!!! Owen, being onery, (spelling?) was trying to take Abbie's tights away from me, he yanked them hard and they flew off the hanger, needless to say, he went tumbling backwards, across the living room, and landed on Abbie!!! I was terrified, and already mad at myself for her laying on the floor and me not being right there next to her! What was I thinking? I know how quick stuff can happen. I was seriously frightened. She threw up within a minute of the accident and poor Owen, he didn't know what was going on! I called the doctors after hours number, and of course, they say to be sure and take her in. Better Safe then Sorry!! Thats my motto when it comes to my kids. Duke, on the other hand, he said she was fine. He doesn't stress about them like I do. And I just continued to beat myself up over it.

All is well now!!

Do any of you have any stories about your kids, and scares? Help me brace myself for the next episode.....

On another note............. Duke stepped on my Chi last week, so all this week I have had to wear my hair curly. He bought me a new pink one for Christmas but I really don't want to open it yet. Maybe I can hold out :)

I am ready for Christmas! I can't wait to see the look on Owens face when he sees all the goodies that Santa and mommy and daddy bought for him. We don't buy toys troughout the year, just practical stuff, like clothes, etc. So for Christmas and birthdays we go all out and I LOVE it! I am blessed to have my children.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Abbie Kate is 2 months!!

Abbie Kate is 2 months today. CRAZY! I am loving every second of this chaotic, but blessed life that I am living!! My little ones are awesome. Abbie is learning to stay awake longer throughout the day, sleeping for as much as 6 hours at night, and making me smile all the time :) She is eating 4 ounces at a time, sometimes closer to bedtime she likes to take on a little extra. She is about to go to a size 2 diaper. She loves her big swing and the Christmas tree lights. I am learning so much about her on a daily basis. Her and Owen are so different in so many ways. But both so precious! I love spending time with her during the day.

Owen has been sick with an upper respiratory infection and "whooping cough", poor little guy has been so congested, his voice sounds horrible and he doesn't want me out of his sight. Thats when I know he is SICK! He has been such a good help with Abbie, he loves her so much. And he is starting to understand why we have a "big tree" in our living room, but not happy that he can't oopen any presents yet. But I can't wait til Christmas day and see the look on his face when he sees what santa has brought him.

here are some pics of Abbie, I don't have any of Owen since he has been sick.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December already......

So, it has been forever since I have blogged, I guess I just don't have that much interesting stuff going on in my life :) Or just WAY to busy with a 2 yr old and a 2 month old!! We have been busy getting Christmas stuff ready and buying gifts for the little ones. I feel horrible because Owen has so much stuff but Abbie doesn't, but there isn't much to get her, she will only be 2 1/2 months old at Christmas. However, we did get her a Bumbo seat, a floor mat and some smaller handlheld toys. But Mr. Owen has a lot, or at least I think its a lot for a 2 yr old. But, hey, we love spoiling our little ones! Duke and I decided to do a small Christmas for each other, I bought him a blu ray dvd player, (which he already got, I can't keep secrets) and he is getting me a new blow dryer and a new CHI.

We went to Sikeston this last weekend to visit family, spur of the moment trip! It was so nice, seeing the family, and this was the first time for most of them to see Abbie. My grandmas just fell in love and held her and rocked her, she is so spoiled!! Owen played with all his cousins. Thats my favorite thing about going there, I want my kids to growup knowing their cousins, like I did. Owen had a blast playing with my aunts 2 little girls. They are such girly girls and so attentive with Owen. And Abbie's middle name is Kate, and her oldest daughter is Kate, perfect fit!

I can't believe how much Abbie has grown, she will be 2 months on the 8th of this month, its amazing! She is smiling more, staying awake for longer periods of time, and she loves laying on the floor next to her brother. And he just talks to her and loves her, he read her a book last night, it was so sweet, how he tried to interpret the pictures.

Owen is still learning to potty train, his newest thing is taking his pullup off and putting a clean one on, then I have to find the dirty one :( I randomly walk in on him trying to put his pants back on and finding a diaper laying in the floor....so gross! Hopefully this stage will not last long!!

Here are some pics of the kids.....hope you enjoy them as much as I do!