Friday, October 23, 2009

2 yrs and 2 weeks! WHOA!!!!

OK, so, it has been forever since I have posted anything. I have read a lot of blogs but just haven't written anything. My life has been extremely busy with my 2 little ones. I love being a stay at home mom, but it is a job too. It is hectic, very! I had my C Section and my tubes tied 2 weeks ago, my body is still sore and I feel soooo worn out. I love my kids so much and EVERY second is worth it. But thats not to say that you don't get tired. Abbie is 2 weeks old now, she is starting to fill out, her face is looking rounder and her color is soooo good. Knock on wood, she sleeps awesome right now (compared to Owen who woke up every 2 hours on the dot and had colic). She is so precious to me (and her daddy). We are blessed to have our little family and I love knowing its complete :) Owen has been the best big brother, he helps so much (or really tries to). And we try to give him "his" time too, with just him and one of us. Daddy took him to the jump house the other day and he had a blast, it was just him and dad! They both enjoyed it! (I did too) Its easier to rest and take it easy with a baby that sleeps most of the time, rather then her and a 2 year old! We have been growing a lot as a family and I have been counting on Duke more as I get used to the routine of things now. And he has been great! I am so hormonal right now and he is still sticking around for it. HA!
Also,when we had Abbie my dad and stepmom came up for 4 days to help with Owen while we were in the hospital! Thanks! I didn't have to worry about Owen at all, I knew he was taken care of and that they kept him on our schedule and a somewhat nutritous diet (they are grandparents!). Plus they stayed at our house so Owen was able to sleep in his own bed and play with his own toys, it worked out so well. And when I got home from the hospital on Sunday I relaxed,then on Monday, my WONDERFUL aunt came to visit, I mean WONDERFUL because she did so much for us, not just me, but us! She let me relax and she made meal after meal for us, and homemade cookies, that were delicious. I am so thankful for everything she did. We have dinners stocked in our freezer, tonight is a meatloaf (which I am sure is great), that she made and froze for us. She also drove me to Abbie's first dr appt and carried her carseat! She was awesome! I guess I need to call my grandma and thank her for raising aunt sue to do so much for others. Aunt Sue, if you read this, THANKS!!!!

Here are a couple pics to catch you up on my kiddos! Enjoy.....

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