Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leap Frog Fun Center

We have my niece for 2 weeks! It is so fun, and Owen is having a blast "beating her up", seriously! The night my brother dropped her off she got a bloody nose from Owen......

But, I am trying to find fun things that they can both enjoy. Not so easy between a 2 year old and a 5 year old. Luckily, when I was at a friends baby shower she told me about this place thats new in our town. I actually had rented Owens bounce house from there for his bday party, but I had it delivered so haven't actually been there. So today, we ventured our way there. It has bounce houses, a huge train table, big soft building blocks, a couple activity tables, inflatable slides and climb throughs! The best thing......its $2 for Owen, and $4 for Madeline. And its an all day pass, we left for lunch and Owens nap and now we are back. They even have wi-fi and juice boxes (a mothers dream). Then as I was talking to the lady she told me how they even have monthly passes for $15, seriously!! This is awesome :) So I snapped some pics of him playing and enjoying himself.

Tonight I am venturing out to Kohls for a little shopping, and leaving Duke to watch the little ones!

Uncle Duke has promised Madeline to go fishing and bowling before she has to go home. I hope she is having a good time!! I know Owen is enjoying this time she is here.

I ordered a new cell phone today, mine has just given up on me. Nobody can hear me when I talk, which is killing me, because I love to talk :)

Also, I am doing a coupe different things to Abbie's room. My aunt has made me some stuff and Duke has painted the floor lamp that I got at a garage sale, and I picked up some new lettering for her wall at Hobby Lobby......"one look at you and our hearts stood still"......PERFECT, cause I know thats how I will feel when I see her.

Well, we are about to leave this wonderful place, I have to go cook dinner for my hard working hubby!! (ham and beans....I know its hot out, but I crave it, with sweet cornbread)

So...tata for now!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hello All,

We are sitting at my father in laws house waiting on him to get in from his vacation. He hasn't seen Owen in a week, he has been busy in Las Vegas. HOW FUN :) It will be 5 years in November since we have been there, in a drive thru getting married.

On the Abbie front, she is doing great. Moving like crazy, sometimes it scares me because its so sudden. We went to the dr 2 wks ago for our ultrasound and she weighed in at 1 lb and 11 oz, starting next monday we will see Dr. Grant (my maternal fetal specialist) every week and my o.b. every two weeks. It is starting to get hectic, luckily they are all on Mondays and have scheduled them where we won't be there all day waiting in between visits. I truly love my doctors, they do such an amazing job. As you probably read from my previous post, we are expecting Abbie on Oct. 7, 2009! I am ready to see who she will look like and to hold her precious body.

My Aunt has made the cutest bulletin board for Abbies room, along with letters that spell her name. She is so talented!! I wish I was that creative. She also gave me some tips for the curtains, too. I am hoping to make it to hobby lobby this weekend to get the ribbon, wish me luck!!

My birthday is this month, the 31st! Duke took me to look at kitchen tables and he ended up buying me a new one for my birthday, I absolutely love it and I have been needing a new one very badly. This one seats 6 which is such a difference and it has a marble top ( wasn't sure about at first) but I love it and it blends in with my decor, plus it will be perfect for doing crafts for Owen, easy to clean and it has a "bigger, bulkier" feel, I will show pics soon.

Owen is such a busy bee, he is learning so much and he teaches me stuff everyday. He is going to day care on Mondays (I'll be at my dr appts.) But he loves this day care, and i do to. He has been there before visiting the kids. And I play Bunco with her and her daughter is one of my real good friends, so he is very familiar with her. it works perfectly. He is totally absorbed with trucks, tractors, and school busses. Totally a boy!! He loves bath time and "swimming". He loves his daddy so much, I love to see them together, they are so cute. Daddy is so rough with him, I am always getting on to him, I know he would never hurt him, he just wants to wrestle with him, and owen loves it, but I am a little overprotective of my baby :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

October 7th...............we will welcome our newest member to the Wheat family!!

For those of you who don't know, Abbie Kate will be born October 7th. We have to be at the hospital at 6:00 in the morning, WHEW!!! (thats early)

We are so excited and we still have so much stuff to get, its overwhelming at times!!

Owen is getting so BIG, he is talking so much and learning to count, its so cute, he refuses to say 3, he just skips right over it. We are still learning to potty train, but he is doing awesome since is only 2.

Anyway, we went to the town firework festival, Owen rode pony's and watched the fireworks, ate popcorn and played on the baseball field with all the other kids!

Here are some pictures!!