Saturday, May 9, 2009

So, its Saturday! We are in the car driving (actually Duke is driving) Didn't want to scare anybody. ha. We are on a spontaneous trip to Sikeston (my home town) I wanted to go there and spend time with my stepmom (for mothers day) and I told Duke I wanted dishes for mothers day, but the ones I want are really expensive and I hate to by ANYTHING that isn't on sale, so I told him to wait. That I want a weekend trip to see my family and we can catch the dishes when they are on sale. (and I can't wait, I love them). We are about halfway there, and my poor little man was not happy for most of this so far. We stopped at Arbys (yum) and I asked for milk, they gave us chocolate, he was in hog heaven, he drank the whole jug of milk while we were in the drive through waiting on the food, he just kept on saying "chocit". Loved it! Now we are going through St Louis and he is almost alseep. Thank God, because I am in the backseat with him, we have read every book that I brought and I have been playing with Gary, his stuffed dog, just to keep him happy! I love it, but my patience get so thin, especially in heavy traffic with my husband driving. Plus, I feel better but still not completely myself yet.

On the pregnancy note, I have so many friends and family that are pregnant. Ashley (my cousin) who will read this ( I think she is the only one) Is pregnant with Avery, who will be such a girly queen :) I can't wait. She doesn't have much time left! I want her to know that I love her, and I am so happy for her, motherhood is the greatest joy I have ever experienced (even the toughest days). Someone the other day said "even with her daughter throwing a tantrum, she is still thankful, thankful she can hear her, thankful her daughter has a voice, and thankful that they are together." Now everytime Owen has a fit, I remind myself how thankful I am.

I am so excited to go through this experience again, to add another addition to our family! I feel blessed to have a husband who loves me so much to take this journey with me.

That is enough for now, I have to get back to my "backseat driving" haha!


  1. I am reading and keeping up with you! Glad everything is going well with the pregnancy! Chase is already independent and bossy...I think I am in for it!

  2. Im so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!