Thursday, May 28, 2009

First time fishing and Park day!!!

Owen hated his life jacket but loved the water! He thankfully got used to the life jacket after I explained (a million times) that he had to keep it on or he was getting out of the boat. We had a good time, it was the first time that Duke got to take out his boat, amazing how much he loves that big piece of aluminum :), Owen could only sit still for about 5 minutes so Duke took us back to the dock and we got out. I hated it because I knew how much Duke had been looking forward to going out on the lake and throwing in a line. And he was so sweet about it. He got out with us and we walked to the park. (instead of catching his long awaited fish). I love my husband! I am very grateful for him. He makes me feel good and he is so supported and he works so hard for us, he really does everything for us. I know that I get hormonal at times (ha!) and I don't make it easy on him at all. But he goes with the flow, ignores it and still loves me. When I worry and stress about stuff he tells me that everything will be ok, it always is and then he fixes what ever is bothering me. He is a wonderful provider and a great father. He loves Owen with all of his heart and would do anything for that little boy. Everything he does is to put a smile on one of our faces! I love him and thank God for blessing me with a wonderful man!! I am in Sikeston now, spending time with my familiy. My trips will come with a lot more time in between, there is NO way I could do it with 2 little ones, so I am getting my time in now. Duke has never complained about the trips, he loves making them with me and he knows how important my family is to me, and how I want Owen to grow up with a relationship with his cousins like I have had. And he never says anything about him being the only one that works, he more than graciously provides and he loves doing it. I know he misses his little boy so much and thats what makes me so proud of him. That he isnt selfish !!! I know I don't tell him enough how grateful I am, but I hope that he knows what he means to me (and Owen).
And I loved watching him chase Owen at the park, and down the slide :)
I am so happy that this baby in my belly is going to have such an awesome, caring daddy who loves his family so much!
We find out Monday what we are having? Yeah!! Any guesses? I am ready, I have shopping to do:)
For Now,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So, its Saturday! We are in the car driving (actually Duke is driving) Didn't want to scare anybody. ha. We are on a spontaneous trip to Sikeston (my home town) I wanted to go there and spend time with my stepmom (for mothers day) and I told Duke I wanted dishes for mothers day, but the ones I want are really expensive and I hate to by ANYTHING that isn't on sale, so I told him to wait. That I want a weekend trip to see my family and we can catch the dishes when they are on sale. (and I can't wait, I love them). We are about halfway there, and my poor little man was not happy for most of this so far. We stopped at Arbys (yum) and I asked for milk, they gave us chocolate, he was in hog heaven, he drank the whole jug of milk while we were in the drive through waiting on the food, he just kept on saying "chocit". Loved it! Now we are going through St Louis and he is almost alseep. Thank God, because I am in the backseat with him, we have read every book that I brought and I have been playing with Gary, his stuffed dog, just to keep him happy! I love it, but my patience get so thin, especially in heavy traffic with my husband driving. Plus, I feel better but still not completely myself yet.

On the pregnancy note, I have so many friends and family that are pregnant. Ashley (my cousin) who will read this ( I think she is the only one) Is pregnant with Avery, who will be such a girly queen :) I can't wait. She doesn't have much time left! I want her to know that I love her, and I am so happy for her, motherhood is the greatest joy I have ever experienced (even the toughest days). Someone the other day said "even with her daughter throwing a tantrum, she is still thankful, thankful she can hear her, thankful her daughter has a voice, and thankful that they are together." Now everytime Owen has a fit, I remind myself how thankful I am.

I am so excited to go through this experience again, to add another addition to our family! I feel blessed to have a husband who loves me so much to take this journey with me.

That is enough for now, I have to get back to my "backseat driving" haha!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Park Night!!

Tonight was such a relaxing night, I had dinner on the table at 5:15 ready to eat. Then we hopped in my car and took Owen to the park. He had a blast! He ran from the slide, to the swing, to the merry-go-around, and back! Stopping to point out the babies in between. We played and took several pictures then we decided to go to McDonalds for a milkshake. Owen screamed when Duke put him in the car, I mean, seriously, you would have thought we were kidnapping him. Finally, we got him strapped in. Drove to get our milkshakes, yummy! Then we drove home to give Owen his bath and again he had a fit, not wanting to go inside. What is up with him getting his own personality and learning his independence? Lord, help me!

Now, for my pregnancy, everything is going good, still taking my 13 pills a night. I know it will be worth it in the long run when I get to hold my healthy baby! It is just so hard, to remember them every night, and then to take them, one at a time, because I can not stand to swallow pills, my technique is ridiculus ( so my husband says) haha! But my belly is growing and its getting harder and my lower back is already cramping, my doctor tells me its because I am "already stretched out"...what a compliment, :)

On another note, guess I need to go, my son has woken up, came down the hallway with Gary (stuffed dog), snake ( a rubber snake), Buddy ( stuffed rabbit), Elmo (yes the one that sings and dances), and dragging his blanket....seriously, he sleeps with these (and more) every night and I constantly get up and check on him.


Monday, May 4, 2009

CHICKENS????? Seriously, Duke, what were you thinking?

So, last week my husband, brilliant husband, decided that he wants to be a "farmer". Seriously, he has an appliance repair business! So, he heads to town for some service calls, what does he come home with. CHICKENS!!! little day old baby chickens. Owen loves them. But really, they stink. And to top it all off, in 6 months they are going to lay eggs, thats the only part I like, I love eggs :) So he bought 6 of them, and is keeping them up at his dads house since he has the extra room in his back field and already has a "coop". ( a metal building they are turning into a coop). Anyway, his dad thinks this is such a good idea that he went and got TEN more. What are we going to do with all these chickens? Owen, thougth they were the best thing ever. He wanted to feed them, and feed them, and feed them. We will probably go through a bag of chicken feed in less then a week at this rate!
I will post about my pregnancy later today, there is alot of info on that, and I HAVE to get some cleaning done!!