Sunday, April 19, 2009

Maternity and Hannah Montana

I had an awesome weekend. I had family come and visit me, a much needed visit as well :) Friday night we hung out and just spent time together. Duke barbequed delicious food as always, YUM. Saturday we woke up, got ready and took the kids to Old Navy and Chuck E. Cheese. I had to go to Old Navy because my jeans were getting snug already and as the doctor so nicely put it, "I was already stretched". So I got some cute maternity jeans and they had some shirts on clearance for 2.97, needless to say, I grabbed the ones in my size, only 2 but I grabbed them. I have to thank my cousin for helping me with Owen, its obvious the guys weren't going shopping (they did meet us at Chuck E. Cheese). She carried Owen through the entire store knowing I couldn't which was nice that she even wanted to go and get involved in that, ha! We then headed to C.E.C., we ate pizza and the kids had a blast. There was a little toddler area that Owen loved, they had a Barney ride that he never got off of. It was so funny, my husband just kept putting token after token in that ride. Whatever made Owen happy at that point. Towards the end he decided that he wanted to go down the slide, HEAD FIRST, daredevil!!! I love him so much!
Sunday, my family left, I hated seeing them leave, it was hard, I miss everyone so much! Then in the afternoon I promised my father in laws girlfriends youngest daughter (confusing, huh?) I would take her to see the Hannah Montana movie, and secretly wanted to go myself. Not that I watch the show, but I am a sucker for a love story, no matter what the line. The cool thing, is Duke knew I really wanted to see it, so he went with me, it was just him and another guy in the whole theater, but it was so sweet. I love him for those little things.
On the baby front, we have been trying to think of names, we want different but not crazy. And everybody has been telling me that its going to be a girl. Our name for the week (yes, we have a new name that we like every week it seems), for a girl, is Parker, I really like it, and so does Duke. I have been feeling better during the days, but at night I still dont feel very well. And Owen is becoming more of a handful, he is so precious though.
Duke and I are now going to watch a movie, Changeling, hopefully it is good!! Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Drinking......egg dye, only Owen!!! And our journey...

So, we dyed easter eggs, Owen loved it, he wanted all the cups full of dye for himself, mom and dad weren't allowed to do it, as you can see he moved all of the cups to HIS area. He was so good at using the stick thing to put the eggs down and out with, but he figured he could do it faster with just his hands. He spilled so many colors, and a couple eggs ended up as base"balls". He ended up turning himself blue, is favorite color, "boo" as he calls it. It was so much fun but then we HAD to give him another bath, yes, not thinking, we gave him one before we started the egg dying. Where was our brains? But how fun?

I had a doctors appt last week, and an ultrasound :) Our baby is due October 24th. YAY!!!!! The doctor also told me that I have a low lying placenta and that it is completely covering my cervix. Hopefully as the baby grows my placenta will move up and out of the way of my cervix. So keep me in your prayers. It has been a hard pregnancy already. I have MTHFR gene mutation and with that I have to take my prenatal vitamin, a baby aspirin, and 5 mg of folic acid. It makes me so sick, all the time. Last week I was so sick that I called her office wondering if I was keeping it all down. I knew how important it was for this medicine, they were worried about me not getting enough fluids so they took me off the meds and put me on 2 flinstone vitamins. That helped tremendously, too bad I couldn't stay off all those pills. When I went in to her office she put me back on them, said my body needed the aspirin due to the higher risk of blood clots and the folic acid because my body doesn't know how to break it down so I have to take such a high dosage so the baby gets enough. I would have never known about this gene mutation if I would chosen not to have anymore kids. In December 2004, I had a son, Riley Joseph, he was our first, unexpected, and we weren't married yet, we hadn't even thought about it. I carried him to 33 weeks. I went to the ER not feeling good and my ear was throbbing, thought it was just an infection. They had to check the baby, that night I felt my whole world crashing down around me. I had lost my baby, they couldn't find the heartbeat and there was no movement. The hardest thing in my life. My husband, Duke, we had gotten married the month before, was my rock of strength. I was so thankful for him. We buried our son on December 17, 2004. I knew that it happened for a reason, I wasn't going to question why. I can say that honestly, I have never questioned "why us", I was lost, hurt, missing a part of me. I can never explain how hurt I was. I will never forget my first son. But I also know that I cannot get lost in "what would have been". God has blessed us with a healthy son, Owen Wesley, thanks to the amazing doctors we found out about my mutation disorder, I took my meds, was monitored weekly at a high risk office, and on June 21, 2007 we welcomed Owen. I feel blessed to be pregnant again, I just pray that this baby comes out healthy. Please keep us in your prayers. I know that this was a quick summary of what we went through but I feel like anybody reading this could pray for us, or this could offer you hope to a situation that you might be going through. Thanks for reading!!!