Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We are expecting :)

So, Sunday night, I was sitting in the recliner watching tv with Duke, Owen had already went to bed. I hadn't been feeling good for about a week or so. I told Duke that I still wasnt feeling good, it just felt like I was riding a roller coaster and my stomach kept dropping. I went ahead and went to bed, thought I needed some rest. I woke up Monday morning and told Duke that I was either really hungry or i was going to get "sick" if i stood up, needless to say, thats what happened. I told Duke to run and get me a test before he went to work. Brought it back and it was positive!!!!!!!!!!!! Guessing I am about 5 or 6 weeks, due sometime in October. I am so excited and so nervous, Owen will only be a couple months over 2, so they will b close. We thought that it would take a while to get pregnant, Owen took a year and a half, I guess God thought we were ready now :) I think we are too, hope so at least!! I will be a stay at home mom of 2, I hope I dont mess up! Pray for me. I am so lucky that my husband has given me that option, and I am so proud that he works so hard at what he does, although its normally 6 days a week, but luckily he is very flexible and can visit and chat during the day, he has even taken Owen with him!

Again, Pray for us and this pregnancy. I want a healthy baby! Boy or Girl..............

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! I am so happy for you!!! I can't even believe it! I hope it's a little girl!!!