Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tired of being tired already

I am so tired of being tired already! I feel like I can't get caught up on anything in my house. Pregnancy!! I dont remember being this tired with Owen in the beginning, I was really tired during my secont trimester with him. Maybe thats a sign that it will be a girl like everyone keeps saying. If so, I need help with names, we want tons of suggestions, different, but not crazy, names. Even some older classic names. I keep thinking about how overwhelmed I will be. Owen will be less than 2 and a half when we welcome this new addition. Any words of encouragement?

Owen is doing so good. He has learned all his facial features and their names ( mouth, eyes, hair, etc.) I am a proud momma. He has veen really good about his bedtime, he used to cry for aa minute or two before he would fall asleep. Now, once bath time is done, he gets his teeth brushed and he lays down, he is ready to fall asleep. He is so funny, he tries to open his own cup for me, he even grunts and says "help". Before church one morning we took him to McDonalds to play and eat breakfast, he thought it was such a special treat:)


  1. Hang in there sweetie- you will get your energy back. I remember being so tired I could fall asleep in the car at a stoplight! It was horrible.. BUT- just remember that it will go away and the next months to come will be fabulous!

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