Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tired of being tired already

I am so tired of being tired already! I feel like I can't get caught up on anything in my house. Pregnancy!! I dont remember being this tired with Owen in the beginning, I was really tired during my secont trimester with him. Maybe thats a sign that it will be a girl like everyone keeps saying. If so, I need help with names, we want tons of suggestions, different, but not crazy, names. Even some older classic names. I keep thinking about how overwhelmed I will be. Owen will be less than 2 and a half when we welcome this new addition. Any words of encouragement?

Owen is doing so good. He has learned all his facial features and their names ( mouth, eyes, hair, etc.) I am a proud momma. He has veen really good about his bedtime, he used to cry for aa minute or two before he would fall asleep. Now, once bath time is done, he gets his teeth brushed and he lays down, he is ready to fall asleep. He is so funny, he tries to open his own cup for me, he even grunts and says "help". Before church one morning we took him to McDonalds to play and eat breakfast, he thought it was such a special treat:)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We are expecting :)

So, Sunday night, I was sitting in the recliner watching tv with Duke, Owen had already went to bed. I hadn't been feeling good for about a week or so. I told Duke that I still wasnt feeling good, it just felt like I was riding a roller coaster and my stomach kept dropping. I went ahead and went to bed, thought I needed some rest. I woke up Monday morning and told Duke that I was either really hungry or i was going to get "sick" if i stood up, needless to say, thats what happened. I told Duke to run and get me a test before he went to work. Brought it back and it was positive!!!!!!!!!!!! Guessing I am about 5 or 6 weeks, due sometime in October. I am so excited and so nervous, Owen will only be a couple months over 2, so they will b close. We thought that it would take a while to get pregnant, Owen took a year and a half, I guess God thought we were ready now :) I think we are too, hope so at least!! I will be a stay at home mom of 2, I hope I dont mess up! Pray for me. I am so lucky that my husband has given me that option, and I am so proud that he works so hard at what he does, although its normally 6 days a week, but luckily he is very flexible and can visit and chat during the day, he has even taken Owen with him!

Again, Pray for us and this pregnancy. I want a healthy baby! Boy or Girl..............

Friday, February 20, 2009

Owens Dr Visit

Duke and I took Owen to the doctor yesterday, he just wasn't his normal self. He has yet ANOTHER ear infection :( Poor little man. We are being refered to an ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) to see if Owen is a canidate for tubes. I hope so, every parent I have talked to about it says that their kids sleep better, hear better, and just dont suffer as many ear infections.

On another note, Owen will be 20 months tomorrow, CRAZY! He is getting so big, so fast! He is learning so many new words, he can name his hair, nose, eyes, mouth, ear, feet, and legs! WOW, I am such a proud mommy. I can remember finding out I was pregnant with him, I was overwhelmed knowing that God had blessed us with another child after everything we had went through. My pregnancy was so hard, and I was so sick the whole time. I remember being induced almost 4 weeks early, and the worst but best pain I have ever felt, I really told the doc I couldnt do it anymore and I remember duke counting EXTREMELY slow. But now I look at Owen and although I remember it all like it was yesterday I slowly forget about the "tough" spots throughout it all. And to think that my little boy is growing up so fast. We bought him a John Deer Gator yesterday, he probably won't be able to use it for a long time, but it was a good price and we were lucky to find it so reasonable. So, why wouldn't we???

I can't wait, next month we are going to Sikeston for my nieces birthday party. She personally asked me to make it, so I couldn't turn that down. I miss her so much and she is such a little diva! Precious!!! It will be fun, and Owen can hang out with all of his cousins! And see my dad/stepmom and my mom. Owen walks by a picture of my dad everyday and he points and says "papa" and then keeps walking, like routine. Occassionally he will say "nanie". Love it

I havent been feeling well, I have a cold or something that is just making me miserable. And my sitter is now here so I am going to hit the hay! Good night/Good you all :)

P.S. I will post pics too, once I find my cord to my phone