Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, today has been very busy! Owen has been recovering from a nasty double ear infection, sad. Tommorrow is my husbands 30th bday, wow 30 :) He is awesome, I am so proud of what he has accomplished and he is such a good daddy, love that man!! I have been so worn out, i have been staying up later, a lot later than normal. My husband got a Wii from Owen for his bday, yes, he got it early, we couldnt keep him in suspense. We knew how bad he wanted it, so he has been staying up late as well playing it. Now, I want the Wii Fit, get my big butt in shape.

My family in Sikeston is still out of power, keep them in your prayers that they stay warm, and thank God that most of them have gas stoves so they can still have a hot meal :) Lord knows, we love to eat :)

On another note, 2 of our best friends got married today, a simple wedding, we are so proud for them and happy that they have found each other. She is expecting a baby in June, and they are going to be such awsome parents, that child will be totally blessed and supported in all that he/she does. They have been awesome with Owen, they have watched him numerous times and she comes and gets him most Mondays, for their time together, he goes shopping and out to eat with them, and they spoil him so much. He is so found of them, and we are thankful that they have been there for us through it all. Congrats guys, you know who you are !!!

Thanks for reading, see you guys soon!!

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