Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby :)

Today is Dukes 30th birthday, WOW! Owen gave daddy a card this morning when he woke up, of course Duke loved it :) We are going out to eat tonight with another couple, YUM!!!! Owen has been such a hard headed, frustrated child today, his ear might still be bothering him , or he is just getting spoiled (not him). I feel bad that he is staying with grandpa tonight, since he has been fussy, but somehow grandpa gives him popsicle after popsicle and Owen eats it up, literally. Then he is happy again.

Another good friend of ours came by this morning and brought Duke a birthday cake that she made, and it looks delicious. She also delivered me 2 purses that she picked out with me in mind from New York. Such a sweetie!!

Thats enough for now, I will post pics of our dinner date with friends you all

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